Monday, January 04, 2016

The new planet.

The new planet.

It is chaos ... (humanity was at war with itself) ... .interrupted by the macabre whistle of atomic explosion.
 The planet is wrapped for thousands of years in darkness after the total destruction caused by man. For the first time the planet is pierced by fragile luminous rays emanating from Osiris, still pale and distant, trying to warm the icy surface of the new planet. The glaciers will melt, the rivers begin to run forming a single ocean. Still the land is cold there are no flowers, trees or lichens. Cell life still hibernates, sleeping profoundly
 Harmony takes possession of life which at peace with itself begins the dance of fertilization.
 Thus form the first drops of water which, evaporating, give birth to the rains ... and to life
There is no time, humanity has disappeared. Everything transforms into pulsating life, algae, lichens, ferns, trees, herbs, flowers, protozoe, bacteria, viruses and single-celled organisms. Cells eager for light and heat begin to give new life and form to the planet. Thus, new colors ... appear out of the darkness .... showing themselves to the infinite universe that has long awaited a new era.

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